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    A brief introduction to Unreal Engine 4 from a beginner standpoint

    Since I am devoting a lot of my time to the Unreal engine I wanted to make a post about it as a brief introduction. There will be other posts, but I too am larning so when I encounter something cool within the engine I will write about it. First of all, if you are thinking that making games is hard, that you need years of experience in programming, 3d modeling, mathematics, physics, gameplay design process etc… well yes, you do. But also no, you don’t. Let me clarify. Games these days are made by huge teams, experts, there is a lot of marketing involved and a lot of money needed to bring a good project from the start to finish. Well at least those triple A ones. But even the most hardcore programmer on the planet would need years to bring a game like this to light. On the other hand, there is a huge indie comunity making quality products with small teams and on nearly non existant budget. But even if that seems scary and huge to you don’t worry. As a complete beginner you will have to learn a lot but the fun and sense of accomplishment should be enough to inspire you to start. Maybe you will make a simple mobile flapy birds like game, or maybe a nice looking simple fps for PC. It could also grow beyond your expectations and transform into something huge. Just look at our slovenian company Outfit7, the creators of Talking Tom. From a simple concept it grew into a huge worldwide product. I will talk mostly about Unreal Engine but there are lots of other developing tools at your disposal. So what is a game engine? Shortly, it’s a development tool that alows you to create 2d/3d content like games which does a lot of that nasty low level stuff for you. It is made in a way, that you sped most of your time building content and much less programming low level stuff (like how is your model going to be drawn on the screen, how will you detect your input etc.). And that is why anyone can learn, even those who never did stuff like that. And the most beautiful part of all is that it is free. Well technicaly, if you make a project that generates a lot of money, you need to pay them some percents of the revenue, but ONLY if you make money. There is also a huge comunity, where you can seek help and tons and tons of tutorials. There are other engines out there so if you would like to try something else, you can. To name one, there is Unity Engine, which in a sense is very similar. Often people say it is easier to start on Unity. It probably is, but personaly I felt much mor econfortable within Unreal. I use Unreal for our architectural visualisation for our company CreativeSolutions, but it is very similar to building a 3d game.

    Chrome opensearch

    Some time ago I stumbled upon a feature Google Chrome had. Well it was an accident actually since there is very little indication of it in the browser. Apparently, you can add a custom search engine to it, so that you can search only a specific websites using its build in search funcion (if it has one). Well this is all good but I managed to use it even on a site I never added. And this is what intrigued me the most. If you lets say try to visit youtube, when you type the website name in the URL bar, chrome lets you know, that if you press the Tab key you can directly search the website content without even visiting the site. If you try it, it should work. Well this is all good and true but I nevee added youtube’s search engine to Chrome… how does it work then? Well apparently, you can configure this for your own site so that your users can search in this way without adding it in the Chrome settings and it turns out it’s also preaty simple. This feature is called OpenSearch. Technicaly OpenSearch is a collection of technologies but that’s not important right now. To make this work on your website you need to insert on your page an OpenSearchDescriptor (OSD) which is essentialy an XML file with some properties that describe your search function, so that Chrome knows how to set up your custom search engine. Now to the actual setup you need to do: You need to add a line to your head tag in the HTML file of your root page on the site. You need to do this only on the root because that is the page a visitor will certainly visit. So add this line: <link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" title="your title" href="/opensearch.xml" /> Here you are specifiing what would you like to do, a title and most importantly you tell the browser, where it can find your OSD. In this case in the file opensearch.xml. As you can guess, now we need to create this file. (Sidenote: the slash before the filename indicates that the file is in the root folder on the server. You can put it anywhere you like but then you must specify the correct path) 2. Now you need to create the file mentioned above. Create a new file called “opensearch.xml” (if you called it that way) in the root folder (or in the location you specified ) and add the following xml code in it: <OpenSearchDescription xmlns="" xmlns:moz=""> <ShortName>Your website name (shorter = better)</ShortName> <Description> Description about your website search here </Description> <InputEncoding>UTF-8</InputEncoding> <Image width="16" height="16" type="image/x-icon">your site favicon</Image> <Url type="text/html" method="get" template="{searchTerms}"/> </OpenSearchDescription> Here you need to change a few things if you want it to work. In the <ShortName> tag you put your website name. What you put here will be displayed in the green bar when you hit the Tab key. Add a description of your website in the


    This is an introductory post to my website. I encourage everyone who plans to read any of the other (future) post to read this first since I’d like to explain some things here first. First of all welcome. This website seves mainly three purposes. First, it is an introduction about me, for anyone who wish to come in come contact with me and do any kind of collaboration. There is a brief post about me with my quialifications and hobbies for anyone who wish to know more. I am the kind of person who likes to learn new stuff so if you would like to engage in a different kind of project, fell free to contact me anyway, I’m eager to learn more. Would you like to build a aerostatic ballon to be lunched in the stratosphere with a gopro attached to it? Perhaps I’d like it too 😀 Second, it will be a collection of posts about stuff I do in my free time. It may not be about computer stuff or maybe it will, who knows. I do a lot of things but I will post stuff when/if I have time, so no scheduled posting. I encourage enyone to comment with his/her opinions. The one thing I will not tolerate is hate speach. If you have something constructive to say I will be more than happy, but if you look for anonimous confrontations, this isn’t the place for you. With that said, I claim no responsability for the accuracy of given information nor will my english be inpeccable. There are probably 20 mistakes already. If you think something should be corrected feel free to point it out, but be nice:) Third, I use this site for some of my projects involving web technologies. That part of the site will be closed for the majority. If I feel something should be shared I will make a post about it. So don’t be surprised if you stumble on some part of the site protected by a password or something. I will also open a suggestion box. If you think something is wrong and you don’t like to make a public comment or if there is something you would like to include on the page and share with others and me, use it. With all of that said, I again welcome you on my humble website.