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    MARKO Fornazarič

    Designer / Programmer / Web Developer


    Mostly 3D visualization in 3DS Max and interactive architectural implementations in game engines like Unity and Unreal


    Mainly Java, C#. Lately also Android app development and Swift for iOS. 

    Web Developer

    Just started learning web development technologies. Mainly server side programming in PHP an mysql

    My Story

    I was born on February 1st 1989 in Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenija, where I lived for several years. Then I moved to the neighbour village Vrtojba where I’ve been living since. I attended high school in Nova Gorica at Šolski center Nova gorica (former TŠC) and graduated in 2008. After some years of indecisions  I applied to Faculty of Computer and Information science in 2011. As of today I’m finishing my diploma.

    I was always fascinated by the fast pace ofthe advancement in computer technologies. Even in elementary school I knew I would pursue my career in this field so I always tried to learn about it as much as I could. In high school I also discovered love for design and photography so I wanted to incorporate it into my existing hobbies of computer science. I bought a 1000 page book about 3D moddeling and started learning Blender. Over the years this hobby transcended into something more and I started doing architectural design models professionaly with a friend of mine, who also shares this interest of 3d visualisation.

    Beside photography I also developed a big interest in computer programming, so over the years I did a lot of small (personal) projects in OO languages like Java and C#. Lately I’ve been doing stuff on mobile platforms like Android, iOS and “Metro” apps.

    One of my smaller passions is also process automation and robotics, mainly programming  small microcontrollers like Arduino.

    I am also the co-founder of the company called CreativeSolutions where we make 3D visualisations of interior architecture designs.

    My Interests

    Computer science

    All sorts of programming, 3D visualisation, image manipulation, …


    Amateur photography stuff, nothing seriosus


    Soccer, cyceling, mountain hiking, …
    I really like doing sports and dislike watching them, so I rarely see any game or race :)

    This is a dump of most computer technologies I used in the past few years. I am not an expert in all of this of course, some of them I know very well, some of them just the surface.

    • Programming languages
    • Programs
    • Hardware





    Objective C







     Visual Studio


     Unreal Engine

     Unity Engine

     Adobe Premiere

    Microsoft Office



    3DS Max

     Adobe Photoshop


    Siemens Simatic

    Raspberry Pi

    BLE Beacons